Prepare Your Body

Start your Slenderiiz Programme by telling your fast food cravings to take a hike! It’s called “junk food” for a reason. Junk foods are highly processed and minimise your fat loss efforts by spiking blood sugar and slowing your metabolism.

Prepare your body for two days for the Fat Burning Phase by eating normal, with the exception of cutting out fast foods. For optimal results, start adding healthy fats to your diet such as avocado, raw nuts, and seeds, and begin taking the Day and Night Drops as directed.

Phase 1 Image


Day three marks the beginning of the Fat Burning Phase. Depending on the desired amount of weight loss, this period can last anywhere from one to six months.

To start your Fat Burning Phase, go through your cupboards and toss out biscuits, pastries, candy, processed meats, crisps, soda pop, high-sodium frozen foods, boxed foods, and canned soups.

It’s important to make the healthiest, most nutrient-dense food selections while on the Slenderiiz Programme. To help keep you on track, be sure to monitor your food intake every day.

By keeping a food log, you will be able to begin decoding the difference between wholesome, nutritious foods and those that are highly processed, high in calories, and offer very little in nutrients. You’ll soon discover the foods that keep you fueled longest due to their nutritional density. You’ll obviously want to choose those that give back the most to your weight loss efforts and keep you full and energised.

To begin monitoring your meals, simply:

  • Eat three regular, healthy meals a day from the Approved Foods List only.
  • If you prefer, divide your meals into smaller snacks and eat them periodically throughout the day.
  • Track your eating patterns with a Mobile App like CalorieCounter, MyFitnessPal, or Lose It!
  • Eat your meal highest in calories for breakfast and end your day with your lowest caloric meal. This allows the body time to digest and burn off calories before resting for the evening.

Although counting calories can be difficult, it is essential for optimal weight loss and weight management. To get the most out of the Slenderiiz Programme, it is important to track and keep your daily intake under 1,250 calories. Through eating the right foods, it will become easy and natural to restrict calories to 1,250 a day because of their nutrient density.

The Slenderiiz Programme is not about being hungry, it’s about learning how more nutritious, healthy foods provide you with more energy, make you feel better, satisfy you for longer, keep your blood sugar levels in control, and in turn help you lose unwanted pounds.

Drink Purified Water

For optimal results, drink at least eight to ten 250mL glasses of purified water daily. This allows your body to remove toxins and flush them away as you begin burning up fat stores.


A modest aerobic exercise programme is good for your health. Start walking, hiking, swimming, jogging, biking, etc. for 20-30 minutes, five times per week.

If you have not been getting much exercise prior to this programme, it is important to begin slowly and build up to our recommended level of exercise over the next few weeks. Don’t be in a rush to get to this goal, but increase your activity level steadily and safely.

When you have reached your weight loss goal, it’s time to start Phase 02.

Phase 2 Image


After reaching your weight loss goal, it is time to enter the Maintenance Phase by gradually adding limited glycemic products back into your diet, if you desire, though not preferred. It is important to continue eating a balanced diet of fresh, clean foods with regular exercise. The Maintenance Phase is a lifestyle that must be properly adhered to in order to prevent returning back to an unhealthy weight.