Day Drops

The Day Drops formula has been specially developed using ingredients that are clinically proven to help control appetite, increase satiety, and have a positive effect on the hormones associated with hunger and cravings. Coupled with ingredients that help slow the absorption of carbohydrates and boost the metabolic rate, this product helps address various factors related to weight loss, and more importantly fat loss.


Night Drops

The Night Drops formula provides key amino acids and adaptogenic herbs designed specifically to help reduce stress and promote a feeling of restfulness and calm. When your body is stressed or suffering from lack of sleep, it releases cortisol, a hormone responsible for the production of fat. Through this cutting-edge formulation, your body will find a better balance that helps boost your weight loss efforts.

The right combination

Science of Weight Loss

When you start losing weight, your body responds in dozens of different ways. Slenderiiz factors all of these reactions in to make this process simpler so that you can achieve your goals sooner.

As part of the Slenderiiz Programme, the Day and Night Drops target these various weight loss factors through clinically proven ingredients that ensure your body’s best response to your efforts.

Control hunger: More than just an appetite suppressant, the Day Drops formula helps to curb the appetite while controlling cravings. Exclusive cacao bean extract is shown to positively affect the hormones related to hunger while guarana and green tea reduce hunger pains that are likely to derail weight loss.

Carbohydrate blocking: When carbohydrates break down and enter the bloodstream too quickly, they are subsequently stored as fat, slowing this breakdown and absorption by the body is one of the most effective components of any weight loss regimem. White kidney bean extract reduces this absorption, allowing the body to burn fat instead of absorbing the sugars from carbohydrates in your meals. While your body focuses on fat burning, you’re dropping pounds and toning up like never before.

Blood glucose regulation: Blood glucose spikes and crashes often have a roller coaster effect on the body, resulting in dangerous cravings for sugary foods to restore the balance. Ingredients such as cinnamon extract and chromium help maintain optimal blood glucose levels, effectively curbing near uncontrollable cravings.

Stress reduction: Adaptogenic herbs, such as holy basil, astragalus, and cordyceps have been traditionally used for centuries due to their ability to regulate stress levels and encourage feelings of wellbeing. Increase in stress and lack of sleep trigger the release of cortisol, a hormone directly responsible for the storage of visceral fat. These adaptogenic herbs, in conjunction with L-theanine and L-glutamine, help regulate stress levels by promoting feelings of calm and encouraging a restful night’s sleep.

Metabolic Enhancement

Metaboslim boosting: Stimulating the body’s metabolism both fuels faster weight loss and boosts energy levels. Key ingredients such as biotin, guarana, and naturally-derived caffeine bolster metabolism and contribute to increased fat burning. The additional energy means you now have what it takes to stick to an exercise regimen that works for you, further bolstering your weight loss efforts.

Science Based

The only way to create and sustain a slender body is through a programme that simultaneously addresses hormone levels, nutritional balancing, and systemic detoxification.

When combining Day Drops with Night Drops, the physiological ability to eliminate excessive amounts of visceral and subcutaneous fat are simultaneously maximized.

All Slenderiiz products are manufactured to GMP, FDA, and OTC standards. The quality standards of Slenderiiz products match those of over-the-counter medications.

— Usage Instructions —

Day Drops

Take 15 drops (0.7 ml) 20-30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Night Drops

Take 45 drops (2.0 ml) 1-2 hours before bed. For best results, do not eat after taking the drops.